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2023 Scholarship Victors: Testimonials

Kianna M. Dukes

Fort Valley State University

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend college with the financial support from the Christ
For All Church Scholarship. The funds received allowed me to offset some of my financial
obligations and helped me to not have to be overly concerned about college expenses in my first
year. Having that time to focus on my studies has proven to be beneficial in maintaining a high
GPA. This freedom to concentrate on academic pursuits enhances the quality of my education and
lays a solid foundation for the specialized knowledge required in the field of Criminal Law. In my
case, this scholarship empowered me to delve deeper into my Criminal Law courses and engage
in experiences that stimulate the challenges faced by Criminal Attorneys. The ability to specialize
in this manner not only enhances my knowledge but also positions me as a more competitive
candidate in the job market.


Thank you so much for your generosity.
Kianna M. Dukes

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Talaya Pegues

Chattahoochee Technical College

Christ For All Church has made a contribution to my college journey that has relieved my parents of some financial responsibility that I am extremely grateful for. Everyone knows how expensive college is and every little bit helps. With this financial help it has encouraged me to continue to work hard with my studies. Due to my continuous hard work because of my motivation, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA for my first year of college. I pray that Christ for all church continues to bless others with their scholarship just as it did me.

Alexander "Max" Evanson

Georgia Southern University

Dear Christ for All Scholarship Committee,

Receiving  scholarship from Christ for All Church has been an incredible blessing and a true answer to prayer. I am now able to attend Georgia Southern University and major in Criminal Justice, a field I am deeply passionate about. The scholarship has not only provided financial support but has also empowered me to pursue my dreams with confidence. The scholarship from Christ for All Church has made a significant difference in my educational journey, allowing me to focus on my studies and strive for excellence without financial burdens. It has provided me with the opportunity to receive a quality education, explore my passion for criminal justice, and work towards my goal of becoming a fire fighter. I am deeply grateful to Christ for All Church for their investment in my education and for believing in my potential. This scholarship has given me the motivation and determination to excel academically, strive for excellence, and continue to walk with Christ. Thank you for making my dreams a reality and for supporting me on this journey of growth and achievement.

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